So I just been having a lil fun with my game and decided to make a mad scientist who i s obsessed with Aliens, so I made Kori, a cute mad scientist who yearns to learn more about the other world. As you can see I got her abducted with the irony of her hating it LOL

A lil sneak peak of My family choosing for my series, Meet the Whalens Zaaliyah and Joshua, Zaaliyah and Joshy lost their mom, so she, a young teen, tries to go on like any other ordinary family…



 Simbujah…old pic almost ready to play my world..still need more stuff….=)

Love this!





Graphics Rules Maker program for The Sims 2. Improve Compatibility with Modern Systems!

Please reblog so everyone can get their Sims 2 game working properly, without the hassle of editing the graphics rules and video cards files yourself.

Furthermore we’ll add a SimCity 4 plugin very soon.

Now this is REALLY useful!

Yay for that :D

YYYEEEEEESSSSSS now I can make my game BEAUTIFUL. And not screw it up.

Well im pissed got a virus and now I can’t open up my user account which means I cant open my game smh well gotta take it to my man to fix whenever that is :/

Quick question

Ok I want to place my sims car on the road so I can pose them but it won’t let me is there some type of cheat or something?


I aged Kha and Bri up and Made Nas and Blake look older, 

awe look how handsome and look how pretty Bri is :)

Who else is addicted to gazelles?

Anonymous whispered: do you know any YouTube videos that will help me download cc cause I'm not downloading it right and it won't appear in my game. Please help. ( I'm new ) or can you tell me?

Sure of course all you have to do is if you are downloading a sim3pack you know the things with the diamonds you can just cut and paste these into your electronics arts folder under downloads which is under my documents folder click your launcher and go to the Downloads tab in there you can select all of the Sims3packs and click install now if you are downloading the Sims 3 package files you have to be sure to put them in your mods folder you can get the information on how to install Sims 3 package files the new way right here

when you have your mods folder ready just paste the package files into your mods folder then your done please feel free to hit me up if you have anymore questions and/or are still confused I’m always open to answering and helping others :)


just letting my hair breatheeeee <3

Kenyan did so well at his photo shoot!

Look who woke up today all dry! My baby yes! He’s officially potty trained at 1 1/2 he’s a happy kiddo!


Brown skin ,

up against my brown skin.

I can’t tell where yours begins.

I can’t tell where mine ends…..


Here he is Kenyan my second baby <3

A new Start in life, my baby did it he made it into the NFL as a WR for the Ravens YES! theyre just enjoying their new place I’ll post some pics of their house later :)